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Christmas gifts for orphans 2019

During the upcoming Christmas, the EPP team felt a great need to do a good deed. Therefore, we decided to organize a fundraiser for gifts for the Children's Home in Oława. We really wanted to make every child's dreams come true, which is why we asked Guardians to give us a list of gifts that children would like to receive. What do they dream about? About toys or small electronic equipment and sometimes about clothes. We mobilized to collect the entire required amount of money. Managed to! It was a great joy when we were counting money from the piggy bank. We have begun to search for our dream gifts in stationary and online stores to meet children's expectations. We do not hide that the biggest challenge was to find a vehicle running on the walls :-). Another mission of wrapping presents was a success, it allowed a moment to break away from the daily routine, the EPP team wrapped all the presents. Even before Christmas, the EPP team set off to the Children's Home in Oława to hand them over. Each of the pupils received a dream gift giving us a sense of a job well done.

Christmas Dinner 2019

Integracja 2019/07



Epp employees will take part in charity run organized by the Everest Foundation. There are companies from around Poland participating in the event. Entire income will be forwarded to the children from the foundation for treatment and reablement. This year, our team took 540th place (out of 1800 teams).

Find out more about the event at: www.biegfirmowy.pl

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